Exploring St Petersburg Florida — Old Florida Style

If you stop and look around you you might just catch them. Yes, there are still some signs of old Florida amidst all of the new construction and realtors advertising anything with new bells and whistles.

Even some beaches have that old feel that many long-time locals crave sometimes. It is deciding to go over to Treasure Island for the beaches, plain and simple. Get the old favorite down-to-earth bars, restaurants, and just sit back and enjoy life. Of course, there’s still all of the fun that the many nature trails, views, and water have to offer.

Go jet skiing, rent a canoe, and get out in the water. Take advantage of the great fishing that’s available out there too.

Now, what many newcomers or visitors may not know about St. Petersburg Florida is that it has more than 100 neighborhoods. That’s right, more than 100. It means that there are plenty personality for every lifestyle and taste within this mid-sized city.

There are several parts of the city that maintain that old feel, because they are part of the original city that was built. For instance, you may like to go to the old historic downtown to get a feel for the older parts of the city. Even the eastern portion of the city is also like that.

Check in with the locals and talk to them. They are likely to share their favorite old Florida and old St. Petersburg places. They do have their favorites. Even if you do not like the old parts of Florida, consider going to the many museums within the city limits. They are world-class, particularly for a mid-sized city.

Check out the many different cultural events, including the music. It’s something of a treat to enjoy it.

Check out Crescent Heights and Historic Old Northeast. Historic Uptown also abuts those areas and falls into the same pool as well. The North Shore Historic District is actually the same as the (Historic) Old Northeast. They are U.S. historic districts and sit right along downtown.They have 2975 historic buildings along curiously with four items.

It is mostly a great place to drive through or walk through because it is residential. It is definitely something of a cool place to take a tour, even if it is self-guided. Look at the old parts of the city for the full old Florida experience.